About Juma

About JumaTile

JumaTiles are inspired by the ‘azulejos’ art. ‘Azulejos’ (in Portuguese) are squared, decorative, tin-glazed, ceramic tiles that have been produced without interruption for five centuries in Portugal. JumaTiles is contemporary adaptation of an old iberic tradition in interior decoration & design.

Technology / Production / Decoration

At JumaTiles we produce two types of tiles:

JumaTiles – 100% hand made & hand decorated tiles

JumaTiles are 100% manufactured in our atelier from start to finish. We use the highest quality clay to create different tile sizes and patterns which are then dried and fired in a pottery kiln. The next step is the tiles decoration with glaze or (and) engobe. At this stage decorated tiles are being fired in a pottery kiln again.

Factory made but hand decorated tiles

Produced from high quality factory tiles (made in Italy or Spain) and hand decorated in our atelier. Decorated tiles are fired in a pottery kiln to ensure its durability and water & mechanical resistance.


All JumaTiles are hand decorated with high quality glazes and engobes and fired in a pottery kiln in 1 050 °C. This process ensures tiles durability and water resistance. JumaTiles are suitable for bathrooms, as well as kitchens. To remove everyday wear and tear any rag can be used.

Our ceramic tiles

Handcrafted from start to finish, JumaTiles are made from a carefully selected high quality clay. Full control of the production process helps us achieve unique tile patterns.

The best quality tiles from the european manufactures are used for the factory made but hand decorated tiles. We offer two standard tile sizes: 10/10cm and 20/20cm. Other size is also avaiable, as per special order (10 x 20 cm, 30 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm etc). Patterns can be custom ordered, too. However, to ensure the best quality of the final product, the decoration & fireing in a pottery kiln trial is required.


Atlhough we are inspired by the ‘azulejos’ art we are also open to the contemporary design. Therefore you will find tiles inpired by the Japanese art, typography, pop art and contemporary graphics in our Collection.

Custom design tiles are avaiable, as per special orders. Each order is handmade for you, to your specifications.